98-02 LS1 SPEC Stage 2 Clutch kit


Model Number: SC092

S.P.E.C. Inc, the innovator in LSX clutch technology, introduces their new line of single disc performance clutches and flywheels for LSX powered applications. The Super Single line is now the standard offering and features torque capacity increases of 150 ft lbs per stage over the previous generation SPEC units, with a pedal effort reduction of over 25%!

The clutch kits are available in 7 different single disc stages, supporting all power levels and drivability requirements up to an amazing 967 pound feet torque for the street/strip units and 1100 ft lbs for drag specific units.

The SPEC Super Single not only delivers on performance and drivability, but value, as well. SPEC is maintaining MSRP from the previous generation kits!

SPEC Stage 2 clutch kit for 98-02 LS1 F-Body. High clamp pressure plate, segmented chatter-free Kevlar disc, bearings and tool. 690 ft lbs tq capacity – 3800 psi pressure plate.

Stage 2 clutches are recommended for mildly upgraded vehicles and/or with a power adder, yet still offering an excellent choice for a daily driver and great holding capabilities for strip use. A segmented Kevlar disk is used on the Stage 2 clutch kits.

For all modified engines making more torque than the Stage 2 can support, the 2+ maintains stage 2 feel for good daily drivability and offers very good wear characteristics, but provides a higher torque capacity (620 ft/Ibs). The disk is a composite multi-friction carbon-kevlar material. Make your selection below.

Includes: Pressure plate, clutch disc, TO bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.

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2 reviews for 98-02 LS1 SPEC Stage 2 Clutch kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    jeffrey guyott (verified owner)

    love the spec! bought a stage 2 for my 00 trans making 400 at the wheels and this clutch holds it nice

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    John Bierbower (verified owner)

    I had this clutch put in my 2002 ws.6 about a year ago. Says the pedal effort is 25% less, it isn”t, in the beginning. It eventually gets a little easier on pedal effort. This clutch engages very quickly just about 3 in. off the floor. It sure holds the extra power adders on my car, totaling about 400 hp, without NOS. We also put a new flywheel on along with the stage 2 SPEC. It is any easy clutch to live with for every day driving as well as slammin the door on would be challengers, if you know what I mean.

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