98-02 LS1 Fbody On 3 Performance Turbo Kit – For Cars equipped with No A/C


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On 3 Performance

We are proud to announce that they have designed two new turbo systems for the 1998 – 2002 F-body LS1 cars. This kit in particular is designed to be used with the stock k-member and will require the removal of the A/C. There is no way to keep the A/C using this system as we know customers will ask.

The non-a/c LS1 turbo system is one of the most complete kits on the market today for these cars. You will not have to track down manifolds from trucks, turbo from another place and make exhaust. They have a complete system to offer with many options so that you can get about all you need to install from one shop if you want. These kits comes with everything you need on the hotside from manifolds to your turbo. The y-pipe they built off each manifold is 2.5” and merges in the middle and keeps the radiator in the stock location. Each kit will include the On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger. This is the same turbocharger that’s been on the shop 2002 Mustang GT for the last 4 years and has been daily driven since then. They have put over 20,000 miles on that car and the turbo has proven the test of time and put through a ton of abuse. They use this turbo in almost all of their kits and will have no problem supporting up to around 650rwhp. They do also have the On 3 Performance 76mm turbocharger available for this kit as well and you can find in the optional items down the page(available in ceramic ball bearing and CNC billet wheel options).

Check out the dyno graph in the photo section and look at the numbers the most recent customer has made on ONLY 7.5psi! This was a factory long block Z28 LS1, stock heads and paired up with a turbo 400 and unlocked converter. The car was upgraded to the On 3 Performance 7875 turbocharger and made killer power, 671rwhp / 617rwtq.

Coming out of the turbo, they supply you a 3 piece downpipe that routes to the stock catback. That way you are able to keep the exhaust note manageable and not drawl too much attention if you don’t want. Although it can be ran open downpipe as well very easily while most of our customers over time prefer to run a full exhaust setup. Some say turbo cars are quite but under partial or full throttle and open downpipe, its somewhat obnoxious personally.

Moving on to the cold side of the kit, they have built a 2.5” charge pipe that feeds the intercooler and coming out of the intercooler to the throttle body transitions into 3”. Each kit comes with the crossflow 3” On 3 Performance bar and plate intercooler. They also have a 4” core that is available as well and listed under the optional items if you plan on maxing out your shortblock or if you have a built motor going for higher boost levels. The 5 ply On 3 Performance silicone couplers connect each intercooler pipe together and t-bolt clamps ensure maximum clamping force and prevent any intercooler pipes from blowing. Each pipe is bead rolled on both ends to add extra protection from losing a pipe under boost. All intercooler piping is made from 6061 aluminum to help dissipate heat and also keep weight down over using stainless. Lastly, the kit is designed without a maf provision, most all builds we see go speed density for tuning so if you plan on running a maf, you will need to adapt that on your own.


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