98-02 LS1 Fbody Austin Performance Super Sucker Ram Air Kit (SSRA Mega Mouth) – Cars with out A/C


Model Number: SSRAMM
Austin Performance Inc

The SSRA Mega Mouth is for fbody’s without the air conditioning condenser. This kit was designed very similar to the original Super Sucker Ram Air(SSRA) that incorporates an actual scoop attached to the lower bumper. This scoop feeds air into the bottom of the air filter. The SSRA Mega Mouth flows about three times as much air as the original SSRA. With the air conditioning condenser removed, this allows the ducting to be significantly larger.

Like the original SSRA, the Mega Mouth is made out of Polypropylene plastic. This makes it very strong, light, flexible, and won’t heat soak like kits made of metal. Metal cold air kits lay flat against your radiator, raising your cars operating temps because they are blocking off about half the radiator. The Mega Mouth is designed with 1/2 inch tabs on the sides to keep it off the radiator. This allows air to pass behind it, and through the radiator unlike the competition.

The Mega Mouth comes with mounting hardware and weatherstripping to seal it to the air box. No drilling is required for this kit. Also included is a rain block off.

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