98-02 GM Head/Cam Install Kit


GM Performance Parts

Included in this kit are all of the necessary seals, gaskets, and bolts to complete a head a camshaft install on your 98-02 LS1. All parts are genuine GM, except the port seals, which are FAST. The following parts are included:

  • Mult-layer steel head Gaskets
  • Pair of head bolt kits
  • Pair of valve cover gaskets
  • Pair of exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Pair of AIR pipe gaskets
  • Intake manifold port seals
  • Coolant port seals
  • Pair of water pump gaskets
  • Front cover gasket
  • Front cover crankshaft seal
  • Crank pulley bolt

If selected, EGR option below will also include:

  • Pipe to exhaust manifold gasket
  • Valve gasket
  • Pipe to intake manifold seal

If selected, knock sensor option below will also include:

  • Pair of knock sensors
  • Knock sensor wiring harness
  • Valley cover gasket

If you plan on changing your timing chain but not your oil pump (or a new oil pump doesn’t come with the o-ring) then you will need an oil pump pickup tube o-ring. Make your selection below.

Please specify which type of valve cover you have. Typically, the 1998 engines have perimeter bolt valve covers and the 1999-2002 cars have center bolt valve covers.
*Note: Sold as a Pair

Also available as an upgrade are ARP crank pulley and heads bolts or studs. Unlike the factory GM torque-to-yield bolts, these bolts are much stronger and can also be re-used over and over again without having to discard after removal.

Note: If your coolant pipe located under the intake manifold already has black o-ring seals built into it, DO NOT use the ones included in this kit. The coolant port seals in this kit are a gasket type only to be used on the factory coolant pipes and block off plugs that dont use the black o-ring seals.


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