98-02 Fbody South Bend Clutch Comp Dual Disc Kit w/Flywheel & Release Bearing


Model Number: CDD04173-B
South Bend Clutch

The South Bend Clutch Street Dual Disc Clutch Kits are manufactured with high-performance friction material. Designed to provide smooth clutch engagement, South Bend Clutch Street Dual Disc Clutch Kits include everything you need to do the job. Many kits include Kevlar bushings. This kit is available for a variety of applications; with or without a flywheel.


950 HP and 1200 HP capacity for the two respective stages.

10% total weight reduction when compared the stock clutch weight

Stock feel when driving, no chatter or shudder.

Clutch drive plates are 9-3/8 inches, pressure plate has 1850# plate load


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