98-02 F-Body UMI Performance Torque Arm Relocation Kit – Automatic


Model Number: 2208
UMI Performance

The torque arm relocation kit from UMI Performance is designed to remove the front mounting point of the torque arm off the transmission and protect the tail shaft from damage. General Motors tail shaft mounted design works great for a stock driven vehicle however it is not designed to take abuse and hard launches. This set-up replaces your transmission cross member with a new stronger set-up with a built in torque arm mount. Each relocation kit is designed to fit a specific transmission and will work with virtually any stock style aftermarket torque arm as well as the factory torque arm. This unit is built using rectangular mild steel tubing, 0.188” mild steel mounting plates and includes all appropriate hardware needed for the installation. The torque arm mount is machined from 0.250” thick mild steel and features a new clam shell for appropriately attaching the torque arm to the new cross member. Please use the FAQ’s below for additional information.

Q: What does this kit do?

A: Our transmission cross member is supplied with a built in torque arm mount removing the torque arm from the transmission tail shaft and protecting it from failure.

Q: Does this new relocation kit reduce ground clearance?

A: No, our cross member is designed to tuck tight against the vehicle chassis and will not effect vehicle ground clearance.

Q: Which brand torque arms will this work with?

A: This set-up will work with virtually any torque arm on the market as long as it bolts into the stock location. It will also work excellent with the stock torque arm.

Q: Does this add additional weight to my vehicle?

A: No, this cross member in most cases will save weight over the stock unit while being structurally stronger.

Q: Does this kit require any drilling or welding?

A: This kit is 100% bolt in and requires no drilling, no cutting and no welding. It bolts in place of the stock cross member using the existing holes.

Note: This product must be used with a solid one-piece polyurethane bushing. It will not work with the factory bushing that utilizes a two-piece design. If using a stock torque arm with this relocation kit an aftermarket polyurethane bushing must be purchased. This item can be purchased below, Item # 3004.*
Item # 2214

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Torque Arm Bushing


2 reviews for 98-02 F-Body UMI Performance Torque Arm Relocation Kit – Automatic

  1. Rated 4 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    Greg Troxel (verified owner)

    Decently easy to install once you have everything set up….looks good, but if you have the SLP Y-pipe it will make noise. Not bad once everything is set-up

  2. Rated 4 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    jamie boulanger (verified owner)

    Not a bad install if you have access to a lift (lucky me i do). I have SLP y-pipe, and had issue with clearance, but i just ground down the corner 1/4″ and touched up with some red paint (no biggie). I do notice a little bit more interior noise from the kit, but its really not that bad. I recommend taking the y-pipe off after checking for clearance issues, it will make the install easier.

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