Brands:Dura Bond

97-03 LS1/LS6 Dura-Bond Cam Bearing Set (COATED)


Model Number: CHP-10T
Dura Bond

Dura-Bond took their high performance bearings and coated them with a secondary dry film lubricant for added protection against oil starvation.

Dura-Bond Teflon Coated LS1/6 Cam Bearing Set (to be used with GM Gen 3 engines up through 2004 which use the longer version head bolts)

These Dura-Bond micro-babbitt camshaft bearings are manufactured with a thin lining layer which reduces microscopic deflections under load to extend the fatigue life of the bearings. Dura-Bond seamless bearings are known for their quality and durability.

Fits 97-03 LS Series Engines.

Weight 1 oz


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