94-97 Fbody LT1 Power Bastards Alternator


Model Number: 8172-7-240
Power Bastards Alternators

Designed to meet the increasing demands of the your stock electrical system WITH added capacity to handle addition accessories like:

  • Dual or high pressure/volume electric fuel pumps
  • Aftermarket ignition components
  • Aftermarket ECM, PCM’s and Scan tools
  • Laptops and power inverters
  • High Amperage radiator cooling fans
  • Aftermarket stereo systems
  • Alcohol Injection Systems
  • Law Enforcement and Safety Vehicle Lighting Kits

This alternator is perfect for anyone needing to beef up their current electrical system. Each unit is dyno tested before shipment to ensure you receive a working unit the first time. It is also important to note the components used in our high amp alternators are superior to what you might find inside an alternator from the autoparts store. From press-fit diodes to much higher quality bearings you’ll not only get an alternator offering higher output but one that will last longer and run quiet. This alternator is a true bolt-on solution for your specific application.

Please keep in mind that attempting to charge a dead battery with any alternator will most likely cause damage to the unit. Please ensure your alternator wire that runs to the battery is in good condition and is not frayed or corroded.

Picture shown is OEM Finish. Available finishes are below.


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