94-02 LT1/LS1 Fast Toys Ported MAF Ends


Model Number: FTMAF
Fast Toys Performance

Increase the performance of your engine with Fast Toys ported MAF ends! These high flow components replace the restrictive factory aluminum inner and outter MAF ends. Working in conjunction with your factory MAF electronic sensor, our MAF ends increase airflow potential to over 1000 CFM!

Just look at the picture comparing the factory aluminum MAF end to our high flow design! The difference is obvious.

Featuring a composite plastic construction, these ported MAF ends remove the restrictive center dividers and screen that are present in the factory design. In addition, our MAF ends will not heat soak which is a common problem with the factory aluminum design. Cooler air equals more power!

Unlike other brands, these shells
are formed in one piece molds which mean that the inside of the shells are smooth for the best possible airflow. On our 1998 LS1 Camaro test vehicle, the ported MAF ends were worth a solid one MPH in the quarter mile!


The MAF ends take less than 5 minutes to install and only require a couple of screwdrivers. No modification is required to any factory components so you can go back to stock at any time.

Weight 1 oz

2 reviews for 94-02 LT1/LS1 Fast Toys Ported MAF Ends

  1. Rated 4 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    joe kalec (verified owner)

    Nice, installed in seconds… this one you can really feel. Also with it not bein metal theres no heatsink.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    Joseph Kuzior (verified owner)

    Just installed this, easy to install once you get your factory MAF sensor out of the air lid. Just an idea of the difference, my stock Sensor was so hot, I had to wait over an hour to let it cool before I could handle it for the swap. Hopefully this will stay cooler while driving and keep the air going in cooler. Fit was perfect, basically just a piece of plastic, nothing fancy.

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