93-97 LT1 SPEC Stage 4 Clutch Kit


Model Number: SC424

WS6store does not recommend Stage 4 clutches for street use because of their aggressive nature. A rigid disk and carrier are used in combination with your choice of Kevlar, carbon or ceramic pads. Comes with High-clamp pressure plate, 2-piece rigid disc, TO bearing, pilot bearing and tool.

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    David Wilson (verified owner)

    A good friend of mine with a 5xx rwhp LSx Formula recommended one of these to me. He mentioned all the cautions that are familar to us (not recommended for street, too aggressive, etc) but that after doing a couple of 6K clutch dumps, it engaged very smoothly thereafter on the street (though reverse remains very chattery. He resorts to just letting out the clutch quickly and suffering thru the gruff engagement). This was back in 2003 so I bought one. At the time, my LT1 was a 37x rwhp car and, after ‘breaking in’ the clutch with the aforementioned clutch dumps, it performed beautifully with slicks and Nitto DR’s. After that motor, I went to a 383 stroker with a solid roller cam (5xx rwhp car) and the clutch held perfectly with that setup. After that, I went to a 355 T76 Turbo (over 600 rwhp) and the clutch STILL held perfectly. It finally gave up on Sept 2009 so I’m replacing it with a new one I just purchased today. Six years of daily driving and hundreds of drag races. I can’t praise this clutch enough!

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