93-97 LT1 Professional Products Damper


Model Number: 90030
Professional Products

93-97 LT1 Professional Products Damper

These dampers will not fit 1996-’97 LT4 Corvette and Camaro or 1992-’96 LT1 Corvette. To identify an LT4 from an LT1, the LT4 VIN number has the eighth digit as a “5” and the LT1 has it as a “P.”

Both of these dampers include a high strength steel hub, spacers for various engine applications and high quality damper to hub attachment bolts in two different lengths. It is highly recommended to use a new factory crankshaft bolt, GM #12557840. Both dampers have a keyway and a supplied key plus 60? of timing marks. The stock damper does not use a key, but the crank has a keyway in it. For high performance applications, use of the key is recommended.

Weight 1 oz


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