93-97 LT1 MSD Pro Billet Distributor


Model Number: 8381

93-97 LT1 MSD Pro Billet Distributor

MSD has now come out with an all performance distrubutor to replace the OEM GM LT-1 Optispark! MSD machines an entire billet block of aluminum down into a precise housing that fits in place of the factory piece. They will then fill it with a reliable new pickup assembly, a trick timing adjustment mechanism and top it off with an all new MSD distributor cap! The pickup is an advanced optical encoder, a different style of optical pickup than the OEM. This style pickup has proven to be very reliable and stable through extreme rpm and conditions. The rotor is bolted to a drive assembly that is indexed to the shaft and is stabilized through the use of a large ball bearing assembly. Once installed, you have the ability to adjust the ignition timing ? the only distributor that offers timing adjustability! An adjustment screw allows the timing to be tweaked up to +/-5?. The distributor is equipped with a fresh air vent and has an extra thick mounting surface for the cap to eliminate leaks.

The distributor is supplied complete with MSD heavy duty LT-1 Cap, Rotor and the components required for installation.

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