93-02 LT1/LS1 MSD Ignition Box, 6AL, Analog CD, with Rev Limiter


Model Number: 6425

Advance with the digital power of your popular favorite–MSD 6AL ignitions. With less power draw and higher output, MSD moves you with “the fire to drive” in a digital powerhouse! Inside microprocessors, updated circuits and efficient components monitor and handle every firing and rev limit to produce more power while pulling less current. Don’t worry; features that made their 6AL boxes your first choice remain but with improved output–more than135mJ of spark energy for every firing with 530+ volts to the coil! And, to go with the new power, a new look. These digital 6AL ignition controllers are sleek with a lower profile. Wiring is routed out one end through a sealed and locked connector and two rotary dials to set rpm limit are positioned right on top–easier installation, super easy access and a clean, neat appearance under the hood. Controllers are supplied with wiring harness and components you need for install plus, vibration mounts. Increased output and proven multiple-spark power–MSD digital 6AL ignition controllers are a definite win-win!

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    Scott Bradford (verified owner)

    Get the harness that fits your year of vehicle (WS6 sells them also) and this will take 10-15 mins to install including screwing the unit to the inner-body panel. It really is that EASY!! I would have bought this a long time ago but I thought it would be too diificult to install. I was wrong.

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