93-02 LS1/LT1 Fbody BMR Fabrication Bolt-In Manual Rack and Pinion Conversion Kits (Includes BMR Tubular Rack Adapter)


Model Number: RK002
BMR Fabrication

Rack kit – consists of BMR tubular rack adapter, new Flaming River custom width rack and pinion, steering adapter u-joint, rack and pinion u-joint, steering shaft, and outer tie rod bump steer kit.

BMR started from a clean slate when they developed their manual rack conversion kit. The industry standard has long been to use the Pinto-style rack and pinion when manual steering is required. They are rugged, lightweight and very compact. The aftermarket has installed them on practically every car out there and a lot of them work just fine. What most people don’t understand is that one rack doesn’t fit all regardless of what people tell you. A Pinto rack installed on a fourth generation F-car will create excessive bump-steer unless measures are taken to correct the problem. The overall distance between the inner tie rod pivot points should match the overall distance between the A-arm pivot points. Any variation to this will cause the tie rods and A-arms to swing on two seperate arcs. This means the vehicles toe will change as the suspension travels up and down, otherwise known as bump steer.

The fourth generation F-body A-arms pivot from a width that is 2 inches wider than the inner tie rod pivot points of a Pinto-style rack and pinion. To compensate for this, BMR provides a custom width rack just for this application. Another benefit to designing from the ground up is that the rack extension has been biased to the passenger side of the vehicle. By doing so, the steering shaft is relocated an additional inch to the drivers side allowing much improved header clearance. With this kit you can use up to 2″ primary tube headers without modification!

Other components in the kit include Flaming Rivers’ billet, bearing-style u-joints custom sized to the OE steering shaft, billet rack mount adapter and double-threaded tie rod ends. We use QA1 XR series rod ends and CNC machined bump spacers. This is a straight forward bolt-in installation requiring no fabrication or welding. All mounting hardware and installation instructions included.

BMR makes manual rack conversions for practically any application. Our kit number RK002 fits stock K-members or aftermarket K-members designed for the factory rack. Kit RK001 fits BMR -1 series K-members only.

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