93-02 LS1 Fbody BMR Suspension K-member, Low Mount Turbo, LS1 Motor Mounts, Pinto Rack Mounts


Model Number: KM019-1
BMR Fabrication

BMR’s new low mount turbo K-member provides additional clearance for low-mount turbocharger kits. By redesigning the motor stands this new design provides unobstructed direct air inlet routing to the compressors allowing plenty of room for inlet plumbing or air filters. The motor stands utilize low-profile, high-density polyurethane bushings relocated down low, away from the heat of the turbochargers.

BMR has also revised some of the tube positions on the K-member to provide the most clearance possible around the compressors. Just like the other K-members, it is constructed from DOM steel tubing and 3/16” laser-cut mounting plates for uncompromised strength and durability. This BMR K-Member is both stronger and lighter than the factory stamped steel design and only weighs 28 pounds with motor mounts. Installation time is only 4-6 hours.

This model is designed for a manual rack conversion using the extended length Pinto-based rack and pinion kits.


  • Lighter than the factory K-member
  • Revised K-member design allows more room around low mount turbos for increased turbo sizing or better accessibility
  • Revised motor stands provides an unobstructed path to the air inlet side of the turbos
  • Easy manual rack conversion


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