93-02 KYB Adjustable AGX Shocks (Set of 4) Front and Rear


Model Number: 743019/1034

93-02 KYB Adjustable AGX Shocks (Set of 4) Front and Rear KYB AGX Adjustable Gas shock absorbers are externally adjustable, so there is no need to disconnect or remove anything to change settings. Depending on the vehicle’s configuration, the damping rate is selected with an external knob on the side of the shock body or through a screwdriver inserted into a slot at the top of the strut’s piston rod.

The KYB AGX shock absorber’s single damping adjustment changes the shock’s compression and rebound resistance at once. When you want adjustable high performance control, you want KYB AGX Adjustable Gas shock absorbers.

Sold as a complete kit both front and rear shocks(Set of 4).

Weight 1 oz

2 reviews for 93-02 KYB Adjustable AGX Shocks (Set of 4) Front and Rear

  1. Rated 4 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    Jim Peele

    As far as I’m concerned these shocks are a pretty good alternative to Konis for people who don’t have the extra money. The shocks perform as expected; smooth when on the lower settings and rock hard for good handling on the higher settings. Even on the lower settings, body roll seems much more controlled than the stock shocks as well as against the SLP Bilstein package. My only complaint is that the adjusters are very close to rubbing the sway bar, but I’ve kept an eye on it, and it hasn’t caused any problems.

    Bottom line: good shocks for the money, and a good second choice if you can’t afford konis.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    matthew johnson (verified owner)

    As far as im concern these shocks are horrible.. I lowerd my 93z28 with these shocks and the B&G lowering springs. It handles amazing and for the strip great also. But the sruts are already sagging and as for shocks i feel like the car is getting hit by a truck everytime i touch any bumps. im deffiently swtiching to the bilstien and ebac lowering kit,

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