93-02 Firebird/Formula/Trans Am Headrest Decals


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93-02 Firebird/Formula/Trans Am Headrest Decals

**All Decal Orders must be placed Online. No phone call orders please**

These are meant to go on your headrest for your 93-02 Firebird/Formula/Trans Am.

You have the option of the actual Bird Logo images(As seen in the picture on the right) OR the “wording” of Firebird, Formula, or Trans Am. At this time, the lettering and the bird are not sold together, however, you can order them seperate. The font of the wording is the same used on the lower door panel emblems. These are sold in pairs… enough for both front headrests.

For Installation you just need to be sure to prep the surface well. Use plenty of rubbing alcohol to clean the surface good prior to install. If you try to install these on top of Armoral, they will not stick! So please make sure you that you prep the surface well enough.

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This standard vinyl has an exterior life of 7 to 10 YEARS.

Standard Colors: Black, White, Red, Cardinal Red, Silver, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Hugger Orange, and Blue.

* Not available in Chrome or Reflective colors.

FREE SHIPPING on all decals delivered to the USA!

NOTE: All decals are custom made to order and may take longer to receive than other items. While most are sent out within a few days, please allow around 10 days for delivery via USPS 1st Class (no tracking available).

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5 reviews for 93-02 Firebird/Formula/Trans Am Headrest Decals

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 5 reviews )

    Peter Triana (verified owner)

    They look incredible, people always comment on them. They look as if they always came with the headrest. And they look even better from the outside looking at them through the windshield. I have ordered two sets just because my friend who owns a TA loves them also. Also thank you WS6 store for sending them to me in just a few days awesome job guys and great site

  2. Rated 1 out of 5
    ( 5 reviews )

    Jamie Boulanger (verified owner)

    Damn it! “preped” the headreast with rubbing alcohol, it still didn’t stick…even tried saving it by putting it on the front of my windshield…still no stickie ickie…lame! I have one left and im afraid to use it 😐

  3. Rated 1 out of 5
    ( 5 reviews )

    Darren Evans (verified owner)

    Have to agree with Jamie, bought these in march 2016, cleaned headrest with alcohol 2 times WOULD NOT STICK !! The problem is it is stuck to the side of the paper so much, that it won’t come off. After I found out it wasn’t coming off, I actually tried to peel it off the paper and the sticker was actually starting to tear. Bad product. Tried to contact WS6 3 times and got voicemail 3 times.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 5 reviews )

    Darren Evans (verified owner)

    Ok, I have to retract my last review, upon further trial and error, I had done the alcohol thing X 2, and they just wouldn’t stick. So came back to it the next day and cleaned the headrest with a degreaser. ( I used Mean Green ), then done the alcohol thing. Worked great after the degreaser!!!!! Prep is the key to getting these to stick. Alcohol, most of the time just isn’t enough. They now look great, like the factory put them there themselves.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 5 reviews )

    Jason Rodriguez (verified owner)

    It works great easy insulation fast delivery thank-you WS6 store

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