93-02 Fbody UMI Performance Shock/Spring/Sway Bar/Relo Kit


Model Number: 207405
UMI Performance

UMI Performance is your one stop handling shop. UMI’s shock/spring/sway bar/relo kit dramatically improves the handling of the 4th Gen platform. UMI lowering springs paired with Koni STR.T’s provide a great stance paired with awesome handling. UMI 35mm front and 22mm rear hollow sway bars are the industry standard for good reason. When paired with the shocks and springs, this handling package is well balanced and a blast to drive on the street, while corner carving, or at the local autocross. The addition of our popular relocation brackets completes this very capable package. Race proven and 100% Made In USA.

Linear spring rates (600 lb/in front, 200 lb/in rear) provide a firm yet comfortable ride with excellent handling

Consistent spring rates and only the best materials (premium CrSi wire) ensures perfect stance

Koni STR.T dampers control body movement and provide improved performance

35mm front and 22mm rear sway bars improve cornering and are the classic combination for this platform

Lower control arm relocation brackets restore factory geometry and improve instant center and forward traction

Suitable for daily driving, corner carving and auto-x

Excellent handling, comfort and stance on a budget

Made In USA




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