93-02 Fbody UMI Performance Bump Steer Adjuster Kit- Heavy Duty Race


Model Number: 2060-1
UMI Performance

UMI’s 2060-1 bump steer kit allows adjustment of the outer tie rod height which in turn can help reduce or eliminate toe change during wheel travel. This kit includes a heavy duty 5/8″ bolt and washer kit with a wide adjustment range along with an anodized sleeve and jam nuts. The 2060-1 is recommended for ultra high performance use such as large tire road racing, auto-x and high speed drag racing. This race proven kit helps improve steering precision and feedback. Manufactured and raced with pride out of Philipsburg, PA – USA.


Spindle drilling is required to accept 5/8″ adjustment bolt. After drilling, the spindle cannot be returned to factory taper.

Bump steer adjustment tools and theory can be found at


Heavy duty 5/8″ bolt recommended for road race and auto-x use.

Black anodized aluminum hex tube.

Race quality rod ends.

Includes high quality inner tie rod assembly, ready to bolt on.

Spacers (6 each 0.125”, 0.1875” and 0.250”) and locking nuts included.

Manufactured and raced with pride out of Philipsburg, PA – USA


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