93-02 Fbody Max Performance MP3 ME Aux Adapter


Model Number: RPZ189C
Max Performance

This MP3 adapter is designed SPECIFICALLY for your late model GM muscle car.

This kit comes with all the correct plugs/wires so that it comes plug and play right out of the box! There is no need to purchase any adapters or accessories.

The high-quality, MP3 ME allows you to enjoy music in STEREO from your ‘smart’ phone or other portable music source (including MP3, iPod, CD player, Satellite Radio, or any other device with a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) headphone jack) without changing your existing radio and speakers.

– This unit does not take up your cigarette lighter.

– It does not experience ANY interference from other radio stations.

– It does not fall apart after a week.

– You don’t have to lose your ability to play CD’s on your factory unit.

– It delivers digital quality sound! Always!

– It’s made in the USA!

The MP3 ME’s compact package makes it easy to hide behind the dashboard, preserving the appearance of your GM’s interior. The MP3-ME is optimized for ALL factory 93-02 Firebird/Camaro Radios and more. The MP3-ME routes music from your portable media player directly into your car’s factory radio (and automatically bypasses the antenna), so there is never any broadcast radio interference.


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