93-02 Fbody Lakewood Industries Drag Shocks – Front 70/30


Model Number: 40526

Lakewood Industries is the leader in drag race chassis and suspension technology. Using decades of track and laboratory research, Lakewood Industries has developed the most consistent and accurate drag shock on the market today. Lakewood drag shocks have been precisely tuned for superior weight transfer that remains consistent pass after pass. Additionally, the multi-stage valving provides more stability and control mid track as well as reduced brake dive at the big end.
90/10 front shocks and struts are intended for track use only and provide the maximum front to rear weight transfer while 70/30
shocks and struts can be used for street strip applications. Disconnecting the front sway bar is recommended for maximum track performance. Choose 50/50 rear shocks or struts for versatile street strip performance and reduced wheel hop. 70/30 rear shocks and struts are designed to be used with Lakewood lift and traction bars that raise the rear chassis of the vehicle. Lakewood drag shocks are available for most popular domestic rear wheel drive platforms retaining O.E. style shock mounts.

  • Twin tube body
  • Chrome plated piston rod for long seal life
  • Specially formulated hydraulic oil to reduce foam and fade
  • Rubber travel indicator on rear shocks to measure suspension travel
  • Premium quality materials and assembly
  • Manufactured to ISO/QSO standards
  • Multi-stage valving
  • Internal hydraulic travel limiter

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