93-02 Fbody BMR Suspension Tunnel Mount Torque Arm w/o Driveshaft Safety Loop – For Long Tube Headers


Model Number: TA014
BMR Fabrication

Improve handling, reduce wheel hop, and add strength and adjustability to your 4th-Gen GM F-body with Tunnel Mounted Torque Arms from BMR Suspension. The factory stamped steel torque arm deflects tremendously, even with mild amounts of horsepower and torque. Manufactured from heavy-duty 1.25-inch, 0.120-inch wall DOM steel tubing and heavy-duty ¼-inch, laser cut, CNC-formed steel plate, BMR’s Tunnel Mounted Torque Arms add strength and adjustability over the weak factory torque arm. The front mount utilizes a 68-duromter polyurethane bushing for long, quiet, and trouble free operation. The torque arms use the rear factory mounting locations with heavy-duty rod ends. Instant center and pinion angle is adjustable using five positions on the torque arm cross member and a CNC machined 4130 Chrome-moly adjuster.

Mounting the torque arm to the transmission tunnel mount instead of the transmission tail shaft is ideal for high-horsepower applications. The tunnel mount design removes the load from the transmission, which can damage the transmission. This design puts the heavy loads of high-power cars into the chassis. The torque arm cross member provides an adjustable mounting plate for the torque arm, while adding strength to the floor by reinforcing the transmission tunnel.

The torque arm cross member gives you five positions for instant center and pinion angle adjustability. The heavy-duty Chrome-moly adjuster in the torque arm allows for on-car fine-tuning of pinion angle. The torque arm mounts to the cross member with a 68-durometer polyurethane bushing and a heavy-duty ¼-inch laser-cut, CNC-formed steel plate. This transfers power efficiently, without huge increases in NVH.

BMR designed its Tunnel Mounted Torque Arms for street performance, drag race, and handling applications. The TA014 is designed for F-bodies with aftermarket exhaust. The torque arm cross member is formed tightly to the body, not only giving you increased room for exhaust, but more ground clearance for lowered vehicles.

BMR Suspension Tunnel Mounted Torque Arms are available in black hammertone and red powdercoat. Installation time is 3-4 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


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