93-02 Fbody BMR Front and Rear Swaybar Kit w/Bushings


Model Number: SB026
BMR Fabrication

BMR swaybars are one of the most noticeable handling improvements you can do for your F-body platform. From the factory, GM did a decent job with spring rates and swaybars but the Camaro begs for more roll resistance. BMR recognizes this need and has a solution that not only increases roll resistance but does so with very minimal decrease in ride quality.

BMR takes advantage of today’s technology by manufacturing it’s swaybars from tubular steel, a process started in Europe and adopted by most current auto manufacturers today.

All BMR swaybars are cold formed, a chosen manufacturing process that doesn’t involve heat, resulting in more consistent “memory” retention.

Countless hours were put into developing and testing the ideal rates for our bars, resulting in a massive 1-3/8″ hollow front bar combined with a 1″ diameter hollow rear bar. This combination provides a very neutrally handling platform that remains stable during aggressive driving maneuvers without sacrificing ride quality.

NOTE: Convertible models MAY need to trim or remove the additional front support brace above the steering rack.


– Hollow front and rear construction provides lighter weight than solid designs

– Polyurethane bushings and end links included

– Cold formed (instead of hot formed) to provide better torsional fatigue resistance


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