93-02 F-Body AFCO Racing Eliminator Double Adjustable Drag Shock (Rear)


Model Number: 3870R
AFCO Racing

Just as your engine needs constant adjustment to compensate for slight changes in atmospheric conditions, so your suspension also needs to be adjustable to changing track conditions. These Eliminator double adjustable shocks from AFCO Racing allow for the adjustment of bump and rebound, while the shock assembly is still mounted to the chassis. Completely independent rebound and compression adjusters allow for quick valving changes to adjust to changing track conditions, giving you that extra competitive edge. These shocks are available with a variety of mounting options, all of which are professional-grade. Slop and play are the enemies of your suspension. Don’t let something as simple as quality mounting hinder your performance–you can count on AFCO!

Features include:

* Compression is adjustable from 1 (softest) to 8 (stiffest), with an infinite number of positions in between (no clicks)

* Rebound is adjustable via a keyhole in the shaft from 1-valve to 12-valve, with an infinite number of positions in between (no clicks)

* Lightweight aluminum design

* Valving is extremely sensitive to change–even a small adjustment can be felt, allowing you to find the “sweet spot” in your setup

* Strong, dependable adjusters will keep your settings until you change them again

* 100 percent dyno-tested to ensure all AFCO drag shocks match in performance

* In-house manufacturing maintains high tolerances

* Can be mounted upside-down for reduced unsprung weight

Weight 1 oz


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