85-92 5.0/5.7TPI F-Body NOS Fuel Injection Nitrous System


Model Number: 05151NOS

Some of the most popular NOS systems are those that are designed for the GM Tuned Port Injection (TPI) electronic fuel injection systems. These systems were used on the Chevrolet 5.0 and 5.7L V-8 engines that were available on 1985-92 Camaro and Firebird models, and the 1985-91 Corvette.

These systems are easily installed and feature a spray bar plate that mounts between the throttle body and the intake plenum. They can be adjusted to produce from between 100 and 150 extra horsepower, with provided jets. Activation is through a microswitch that is throttle-activated. All necessary plumbing and hardware is included to make a complete system. A detailed instruction manual is also provided. This manual also serves as an excellent tuning guide.

Weight 1 oz


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