82-92 Fbody Viking Performance Front Coil Over Kit w/Double Adjustable Shocks


Model Number: J201-xxx
Viking Performance

Viking’s double adjustable front coilover kit for 3rd generation Camaro and Firebird provides ride height adjustability, in addition to compression and rebound adjustability, all in one convenient package. The shocks feature 19 independently adjustable compression and rebound settings for a total of 361 possible valving combinations. The 2-1/2” diameter springs are available in a wide variety of rates from light drag race to extra heavy auto-x and road race. They are a direct bolt-on and can dramatically increase the performance of your car in a variety of situations. No tools required to optimize damping for street, strip, auto-x or road race. – simply click the adjusters by hand. Viking’s coilover kit also includes an innovative upper mount to incorporate a thrust bearing which contributes to a smooth steering feel. When changing to a coilover on the 3rd generation F-body platform steering feel can be impacted but Vikings innovative design corrects this. Ride height is adjusted via spanner wrench and requires a few minutes per side. Thrust washers and spanner wrench highly recommended. Coilover kit must be used with UMI caster and camber plates P/N 2040. Does not work with factory camber plates.

Key Features:

Direct bolt on replacement for your vehicle.

19 way adjustable compression and rebound damping allows tuning for strip, street or handling (361 possible combinations)

Every shock is built, dyno tested and serialized in Lakeville, Minnesota

Shocks can be rebuilt at Viking or an authorized Viking rebuild center (call for details)

Standard 2-1/2” ID spring with a wide variety of spring rates available.

Springs are lightweight, high quality, Made In USA.

Designed to be used with UMI caster and camber plates, P/N 2040.

Kit Includes:

Two Front coilover struts, double adjustable.

Two Front springs with choice of spring rate.

Coilover hardware.

Spanner Wrench & Thrust Bearing Kit (Optional but recommended): Spanner wrench tool is used to adjust vehicle height while shock stays mounted. The thrust bearing kit is designed to be placed between the spring and the spring seat attached to the shock. This makes for easier adjustments since the spring seat is rotating on a bearing causing less friction. Thrust bearings are highly recommended for easier adjustments. We do not recommend adjusting without a thrust bearing kit.

Tire Width Note: For wheel and tire selection data, UMI tested the Viking strut on our 1989 IROC Camaro. With a factory 245/50-16 tire and wheel combination (factory style tire and GM factory wheel and wheel offset) there was 1/2″ of clearance between the spring and the tire. Coilover will clear with factory tire and wheel combinations.

Application Note: These Viking struts are indicated for drag race use by default. Minor spindle grinding and sway bar delete is required. Contact UMI Technician if interested in using with sway bar for road race application.

Spring Rate

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Spanner Wrench


Thrust Bearing Kit



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