82-92 Fbody UMI Performance Tubular K-member, Factory Springs, Road Race


Model Number: 2407
UMI Performance

Less weight plus high strength equals road race and auto-x success. UMI’s direct bolt-in replacement Road Race K-member instantly removes 20 lbs of front end weight from your ride and helps your existing horsepower work for you while providing a capable, high strength foundation.

UMI’s RR k-member features strong dual tube construction as well as extra tubing and gusseting in critical areas. The K-member is fabricated from CNC machined 3/16” thick mild steel held together by a strong dual tube lower section. Factory clamshell and engine mounts bolt to the precision machined mounting pads while both factory and aftermarket suspension is located by strong boxed mounting points. Street and track testing on our test car has shown this K-member to be strong, reliable and a great upgrade for your high performance ride. Available in tough powder coated red or black finish.

Features and benefits:

  • 20 lbs lighter than stock k-member
  • Dual tube construction for superior strength (Industry leading!)
  • Four additional tubes plus two gussets in critical areas
  • Strong 3/16” thick mild steel engine & suspension mounts held together with 1-1/2” dia DOM tubing
  • CNC machined & jig-built for no hassle installation
  • MIG and TIG welded for clean looks & superior strength
  • Direct bolt-in design can be used with factory, UMI or other aftermarket a-arms as well as factory or aftermarket springs
  • Includes six new Grade 10.9 flanged mounting bolts
  • Durable red or black powdercoat
  • Modular design allows use of coil-overs and/or LS mounts for minimal cost

Note: This k-member will accept an LSX engine by purchasing motor mount adapters part # 2406. When using an LSX engine factory LS A/C needs relocated when running a UMI tubular k-member. We recommend an A/C relocation kit from




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