82-92 Fbody UMI Performance Front and Rear Weight Jack Kit – Race


Model Number: 206575-3
UMI Performance

The UMI Performance weight jack kit for 1982-1992 GM F-Body is designed to give your classic muscle car a firm ride geared toward auto-x and road race with occasional street use. This race kit is suitable for competition and features 1050lb/in front and 200 lb/in custom wound rear springs. Built from strong US Steel, the jack plates ride on UMI exclusive thrust bearings which spread the load evenly and help with ease of height adjustment. Ride height adjustment works nicely at factory height through 2-1/2″ drop. Most track testing was accomplished at 2″ drop from stock. Race proven and 100% Made In USA.

Fitment Note: Rear kit works with factory rear end housing and Strange Engineering brand rear housings only. Minor grinding required on left axle pad. Front kit works with UMI and factory k-member. May not fit other brand k-members.


Strong ¼” thick construction, CNC laser cut USA steel.

Acme thread and thrust bearing for easy ride height adjustment.

0 to 2-½” lowering.

Adjustment completed easily with ratchet and ¾” socket.

Anti-rotation tab.

1050 lb/in front, 200 lb/in rear, premium racing spring.

Allows independent corner weight tuning, essential for proper road race and auto-x handling.

Maintains factory clearance around the strut and allows maximum tire and wheel width.

Pairs nicely with UMI, Viking, or Koni struts and shocks. Also works with factory struts and shocks.

Fits UMI K-member and Factory K-member. May not work on other brands.

Manufactured, tested and race proven in the USA.

100% Made In USA




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