82-02 Fbody UMI Performance Rear Torque Arm Hardware Kit – Moser 12 Bolt


Model Number: 2998
UMI Performance

This kit is highly recommended when installing an aftermarket torque arm to the Moser 12-bolt rear end. The Moser 12-Bolt rear end is supplied with four ½” mounting holes while most aftermarket torque arms are built with 5/8” mounting holes. The reduced thread connection from the thicker torque arm mount and slop found in the mounting holes can cause torque arm damage and bolts to loosen. This kit adapts UMI’s torque arm bracket to the Moser 12-bolt differential housing. By using carefully selected bolt lengths and specially designed spacers, excess play is minimized and strength and reliability are maximized. This kit will also fit other aftermarket brackets which use 5/8” diameter mounting holes and 3/8” bracket thickness. The P/N 2998 kit is the finishing touch to ensure a bulletproof system. This product is designed and manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA-USA.

Note: This kit will only work with Moser Engineering 12-Bolt rear-end housings. Other rear end housings are to use torque arm hardware kit #3003.


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