82-02 Fbody BMR Full Length Adjustable Torque Arm (Chrome Moly)


Model Number: MTA001
BMR Fabrication

82-02 Fbody BMR Full Length Adjustable Torque Arm

Factory torque arms do a great job at robbing horsepower and torque and “dissolving” it into the chassis. Replace your weak, flexible stamped metal torque arm with a rigid BMR tubular version and put that power where it is supposed to be – the pavement! Made from MIG welded 1.25″ x .120″ tubing with heavy duty 1/4″ mounting plates. Bolts directly in place of factory torque arm using all factory mounting locations. Requires no welding or drilling and clears all factory or aftermarket exhausts.

The adjustable version comes equipped with a rear adjuster for adjusting pinion angle while the non-adjustable is preset at the optimal -2 degrees(in stock height applications). Both versions come with a new, low deflection polyurethane front mounting bushing. 1982-2002 V8 F-Body(’82-’84 requires purchase of ’85 or newer torque arm “clamshell” mount). Also fits all V6 F-body with one piece driveshafts. Available in Black Hammertone or red powdercoat.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MOSER 12 BOLT USERS: This product is only warrantable on rear axles that utilize the factory style “through bolts” to connect the torque arm to the rear end. Moser 12 bolt rear ends utilize a threaded bolt hole that has been proven to have bolt retention issues when used with aftermarket torque arms. If you have this particular rear axle, understand this warranty disclaimer and still wish to use this product, keep in mind that lock washers, or Loctite brand thread sealants are not substitutes for periodic bolt inspection.

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