2016+ Camaro SS V8 The Driveshaft Shop 1400HP Level 5 Rear Axle – Direct Bolt In – Right


Model Number: RA5431X5
The Driveshaft Shop

So the 2016 Camaro is out and like any of the newer platforms by GM we have seen lately the Drive train is nice, The axle is more like the ZL1 axles but has a interesting twist, the inner is not able to be un-bolted (more on this later) we all know the ZL1 axles were stronger unlike the 2010-2015 SS cars,they seem to have had issues in the 600-700Hp range. Like any axle we look to make here at DSS we always open the axle up for the critical dimensions but also to see what was done by GM to make this new 2016 better than the 5th gen style its replacing. they do not disappoint (maybe us a little but not you if you or are getting one) Guessing what HP ? this sort of thing is always hard but like all OE’s they have come to realize the axles have to be better and this one is. We found the bars and internals are closer to the C7 corvette or maybe the CTS-v axles in the fact that not only the internal splines are much larger but the CV parts themselves are, CV’s are done in series and this one is the same as the larger axles found on vipers, Lamborghini’s and a few other high end cars. The axles are also done with the “anti-wheel hop” that in a stock application “kind” of helps hop but in high Hp applications causes a unbalanced strength and will basically have one axle stronger then the other.


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