2016+ Camaro Mishimoto Radiator Expansion Tank – Black


Model Number: MMRT-CAM-16EBK

The 2016+ Camaro is a highly impressive vehicle with a world-class power plant under the hood, regardless of which engine option you select. However, also under the hood is an ugly, bulbous, plastic expansion tank that looks terribly out of place in an otherwise gorgeous engine bay. Bring your coolant reservoir up to speed with the Mishimoto Coolant Overflow/Expansion Tank for your 2016+ Chevy Camaro.

This tank, like the stock tank, actually comprises two separate compartments that serve as both pressurized expansion and overflow tanks. Made entirely of aluminum, the Mishimoto tank features fully-welded construction for maximum durability. The tank also includes a built-in sight glass and sight tube to make checking coolant levels a breeze.

Speaking of making things a breeze, you’ll be able to install this tank in under an hour. This direct-fit tank fits all 2016+ Camaros, comes in your choice of polished or black powdercoated finishes, and includes a Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


Fluid level indicator

100% aluminum construction

Fits with stock overflow tank cap

Available in polished or black powdercoated finish


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