2012-2015Camaro ZL1 B&B Performance PRT Exhaust System


Model Number: FBOD-0715
B&B Performance Exhaust

B&B has designed a muffler specifically for the ZL1 Camaro using their proprietary Purge Resonance Technology or PRT. Hand fabricated out of T304 stainless steel, the muffler offers increased exhaust flow and emits a nice deep muscle car, and enhanced-ZL1-style growl at idle, roaring into acceleration and gallopping through to cruising speeds as it hits stride–all while eliminating the unwanted in-cabin, low frequency resonation drone that plagues many other exhausts made for the ZL1 by those without extensive knowledge of the ZL1’s bi-modal exhaust control. Bottom line: you can expect, and feel, performance increases of 7-8hp and 15-20ft/lbs torque across a wider rev-range than anyone else.

The mufflers and tips are fully polished to a mirror like finish and, as with all Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems it is backed with a limited LIFETIME warranty.


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