2010+ Camaro V6 Nitrous Outlet Plate System Wet Kit – 15lb Bottle


Model Number: 00-10146-15
Nitrous Outlet

V6 Camaro Specific. This plate system was specifically designed for the 2010+ V6 Camaro. This plate is the only true nitrous injection plate with 6 discharge ports capable of flowing 400 HP for the 2010+ V6 Camaro.

Complete System. This system inlcudes everything needed to install the V6 Camaro plate system on your vehicle. All hardware, wiring, jetting for 50-75-100-150, .187 fuel solenoid, .125 nitrous solenoid, wide open throttle switch, hoses, and fittings are included with the system.

Billet Aluminum Plate. The Nitrous Outlet V6 Camaro plate is machined from the high grade 6061 billet aluminum and features a black anodized finish with laser engraved labels and Nitrous Outlet logo. This plate is capable of flowing up to 400 HP and installs directly to the stock intake manifold with out any drilling or tapping required.


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