2010+ Camaro Covercraft “Noah” Car Cover – Gray


Model Number: C16873NH

Covercraft’s Noah Car Cover is an excellent outdoor/indoor car cover that delivers on all your vehicle-covering requirements.

An impact-free inner layer of polyethylene/nylon blend is gentle on your ride’s finish. The central layer of the fabric repels water with its vapor-porous design – microscopic pinholes are too small for water droplets and dust, but large enough for moisture vapor to escape. The exterior is polypropylene/polyethylene spunbond, durable and UV-resistant.

Made in the USA with Kimberly-Clark fabric. Your Noah Car Cover boasts a 4-year warranty.


  • The Covercraft Noah Car Cover is custom-made to fit your vehicle
  • One-way breathable—trapped moisture leaves, while dust is kept out
  • The Covercraft Noah Car Cover is made in the USA of lightweight 4.45 oz./sq. yd. Kimberly-Clark fabric that offers good impact resistance
    Easy to fold and store in your trunk, garage or car cover storage bag

  • The Noah Car Cover is equipped with grommets for a tie-down cable and the antenna
  • Available in heat-resistant Grey with a paint-safe inner layer
  • Your Covercraft Noah Car Cover is protected by a 4-year warranty
Weight 1 oz


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