2010+ Camaro BMR Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm – Delrin Bushing Kit


Model Number: BK039
BMR Fabrication

Nothing in the rear suspension allows more spindle movement than the upper A-arm bushings. The factory upper A-arm has a bearing at the front of the A-arm and a large rubber bushing at the rear. While viewing our suspension cams after some track sessions we couldn’t believe how much the rear bushing deflects under load, allowing the spindle to counter-rotate during acceleration and braking. This counter-rotation leads to uncontrollable wheel hop and inconsistent braking and traction tendencies.

BMR’s new Delrin bushing kit eliminates the large bulky bushing by replacing the entire saddle assembly and utilizing much smaller, deflection-resistant Delrin bushings. Our bushings are internally fluted with grease passages that are greasable through an external fitting. This provides a bulletproof combination that should be mandatory on any car seeing track duty and highly recommended for any modified street car.


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