2010+ Camaro BMR Fabrication Tubular Swaybars (Front and Rear)


Model Number: SB030
BMR Fabrication

BMR swaybars are one of the most noticeable handling improvements you can do for your 2010 Camaro. From the factory, GM did a decent job with spring rates and swaybars but the Camaro begs for more roll resistance to counteract the car’s excessive weight. BMR recognizes this need and has a solution that not only increases roll resistance but does so with very minimal decrease in ride quality.

BMR takes advantage of today’s technology by manufacturing it’s swaybars from tubular steel, a process started in Europe and adopted by most current auto manufacturers today. All BMR swaybars are cold formed, a chosen manufacturing process that doesn’t involve heat, resulting in more consistent “memory” retention. A key feature in BMR’s swaybar design is the adjustable rates, allowing multiple settings for varying driving styles. From the factory their is inherent understeer in this platform. Rather than just make larger OE bars with the same problem, BMR’s solution is biased front-to-rear roll resistance, resulting in a neutral overall balance. For instance, by simply replacing the rear bar only and using the first hole, you effectively neutralize understeer without changing overall roll resistance. Adding the front bar and choosing a stiffer rear setting increases overall roll resistance.


  • Hole 1 98% stiffer than OE bar
  • Hole 2 146% stiffer than OE bar
  • Hole 3 214% stiffer than OE bar


  • Hole 1 99% stiffer than OE bar
  • Hole 2 173% stiffer than OE bar
  • Hole 3 301% stiffer than OE bar
Weight 1 oz



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