2010+ Camaro & 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 Spohn Performance Pro Touring Rear Control Arms (Delrin Bushings)


Model Number: C10-221-DEL
Spohn Performance

Spohn’s Pro-Touring fabricated rear lower control arms will lock in your IRS, minimize wheel hop and increase traction and handling. These rear lower control arms are much stronger than the factory’s stamped steel arms, these rear lower control arms are fabricated from 3/16″ CNC laser cut and formed steel and are fully boxed and internally gusseted to eliminate flex and provide for maximum strength and durability.

Spohn’s Pro-Touring rear lower control arms feature two (2) rear shock mounting locations. This allows you to maintain stock ride height or lower your rear ride height by 1.25″ by simply changing the shock’s lower mounting location on the control arm. These cars are rear end high from the factory, by giving you this choice you can lower your rear ride height by 1.25″ without having to purchase aftermarket adjustable coil-over shocks and/or springs and have no effect on shock travel. If used in conjunction with aftermarket lowering springs and/or adjustable coil overs you can achieve an additional 1.25″ of lowering with no effect on shock travel.

These rear lower control arms are equipped with delrin bushings rather than the soft rubber bushings that come from the factory. They are a 100% bolt-in installation using factory hardware and are available powder coated in your choice of the above colors for an attractive and durable finish.

Fitment Note: Must be used with 18″ or larger rear rims for proper clearance

Tech Note: These are for hardcore race applications as the Delrin bushings will increase road noise.

Weight 1 oz



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