2010-2015 Camaro Ohlins Racing Road & Track Coilover System


Model Number: CHU MP00
Ohlins Racing

The Öhlins Road & Track suspension gives customers an authentic racing experience with their cars without losing comfort when commuting to work. The company’s unique Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology allows you to change the stiffness of the shock absorber quickly. When arriving at the racetrack, just turn the golden knob clockwise on the damper to set it in race mode. This action changes all four areas in the damper; low and high-speed compression and rebound damping.

With Öhlins Road & Track coilovers, you will experience a car with blistering response times, improved bump absorption, and a massive amount of grip to increase the safety when driving your car on the limit. The vehicle will be easier to balance on the edge of what the tires can handle before losing grip. The DFV suspension prevents you from losing the racing line when hitting bumps or curbs. The DFV components react quickly and keep you in control of the car and your tires in contact with the track. When driving to and from the track, just set the dampers in road mode for a more relaxed and comfortable drive, still with more grip and quicker response time than ever before.


Street Friendly with Racing Level Technology

Dual Flow Valve (DFV)

Damping Adjustable (20+ available clicks of adjustment)

Ride Height Adjustable


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