2010-2014 Camaro SS V8 The Driveshaft Shop 1400HP Level 5 Rear Axle – Direct Bolt In – Right


Model Number: RA5425X5-2
The Driveshaft Shop

For the past 30 years, The Driveshaft Shop has designed many of the driveshafts used in numerous record setting racecars. It offers driveshafts in aluminum, steel, chromoly and now carbon fiber so it can design a solution that fits any vehicle owner’s needs. Each driveshaft it produces is dynamically balanced at over 9000 RPMs to ensure unbeatable reliability. The Driveshaft Shop specializes in the impossible.

Full 30 spline certified 300M center bars (not just 28 spline like a factory 108mm CV would use) 30 spline like the Viper T56 and any upgraded T56 its the reason we do too. If the cages are stronger the bars need to be also (same center bar used in Lingenfelter’s 6-speed car)


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