2010-2013 Camaro SS Doug Thorley Tri-Y Long Tube Headers (Ceramic Coated)


Model Number: THY-337Y-C
Doug Thorley

Doug Thorley Headers made to fit your 2010+ Camaro SS.

The Tri-Y design yields maximum power from idle to Redline, while adhering to strict emissions standards. Engineered to be well-suited for
Trucks, Tow-Rigs, and RV’s, power significantly increases in mid-range
RPM’s, making this style exceptionally efficient at highway speeds. Fuel
economy and low-end torque increase dramatically with the Tri-Y systems
while reduced backpressure, lower engine heat and lessened weight are
all added benefits of this design.

Doug Thorley’s Ceramic-Thermal coating protects your header against the elements and can take temperatures up to 1,400 degrees F. This coating
keeps heat inside the tubing, thus promoting velocity while absorbing up to 40% of the engine temperature. This keeps your engine running
cooler and helps in all areas where heat is the enemy. They apply 3 mils inside the tubing and 5 mils on the outside of the Header.

Weight 1 oz


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